System technology

RIEGER not only manufactures valves, but also complex valve systems and units. This is done in close cooperation with well-known OEMs and plant manufacturers or directly with end customers. Our aseptic or hygienic systems are used in plants in the brewing and beverage industry, in dairies and in the food and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Valve manifold

On request, we can process our valves into complete valve manifolds/valve clusters according to customer specifications. The design is carried out in close cooperation and constant consultation with the customer’s development department. We support you from the creation of the P&I and 3D design through to installation on site and with our after-sales service.

CIP systems

A CIP system usually consists of the following assemblies:

  • manufactured from 316L
  • standing on adjustable dome feet
  • Conical tank bottom and tank top
  • For water tanks, the outlet is located centrally on the underbody
  • For caustic, acid and/or disinfection tanks, the outlet is located in the tank wall. The tanks therefore have a sedimentation area so that the media is returned to the cleaning circuit with the lowest possible dirt load
  • Integrated cleaning nozzles for cleaning the tanks, i.e. CIP in CIP possible

The process steps of a modern CIP system are as follows:

You save





You win

Production time

Environmental protection

Aseptic pigging station

Now available with TA-Luft certificate

Aseptic pigging station

Modern pigging systems are used for fast, uncomplicated and reliable emptying of pipelines. They are also used to separate different batches or products within an aseptic production process.

Why aseptic pigging technology?

  • Maximum product safety – maximum product utilization
  • Lower environmental impact and disposal costs
  • Reduced cleaning time and costs
  • Minimized water consumption
  • Minimized chemical consumption
  • Can be used for liquid and pasty products
  • 100% pig flushing with CIP and SIP
  • aseptic pig holding device

On average, the investment pays for itself after just seven months.

Now also available with TA-Luft certificate – for more details CLICK HERE

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