Customer solutions

With dedication to our customers, we deliver individual solutions to overcome challenges that arise during the construction of plants or entire production facilities.

We support our customers as an experienced partner in the following areas:

  • Valve blocks made from poppet valves to avoid or at least minimize deadlegs
  • 3D pipe bending constructions to avoid bends and thus weld seams
  • Pipe collars to avoid T-pieces and thus weld seams (e.g. also DIN collars in ISO pipes)

Valve blocks and clusters of poppet valves

Our decades of experience in the development and application of valves for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries flow into the production of special valve designs, executed according to the wishes of our customers.

Our machinery, which includes several 5-axis machining centers in addition to the usual CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines, allows us to master even the most difficult tasks for turned and milled parts.

Tube bending machine

Our 3D tube bending machine produces your customized tube constructions. This allows you to significantly reduce the number of weld seams.

The highest quality requirements are met with regard to pipe constructions and their processing. All functions, axes and speeds are freely programmable. We can currently bend tubes in the dimensions listed below.

Occasionally, due to the design of the machine or the workpiece to be produced, tiers with excess lengths have to be bent, which are then separated and welded together to size.

Pipe collars

RIEGER manufactures your customized pipe collars.

Your advantages

  • Only one welded joint instead of three welded joints as with T-fittings
  • Better flow properties
  • No further fittings
  • No separation of base pipes
  • Significant reduction in production costs and therefore project costs of up to 80
  • Reduced risk of corrosion
  • Ideal in conjunction with orbital welding

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