Aseptic valves

Our aseptic valves can be fitted with either PTFE bellows or metal bellows. This makes them equally suitable for aseptic and ultra-clean applications. We do not have an UltraClean valve range as our bellows technology offers both design and cost benefits. The complexity of the valves has been reduced so that aseptic process safety is maintained and faster and therefore more cost-effective maintenance is possible.

Keep it Simple and Safe!

PTFE bellows

Metal bellows


Temperature resistance

4-121° C (39-250° F); 135° C (275° F) short-term (max. 20 min)

Temperature ranges from -12 to 150° C (11 to 302° F) possible

High temperature

Media resistance

Flexible use for almost any medium

Sealing materials available for a wide range of applications

Flexible to use

Service life

< 5,000,000 switching cycles*

< 200,000 switching cycles*

< 200,000 switching cycles


Folds remain open during cleaning

Easy to clean; variants with different pleat sizes available

Good cleanability, but critical clamping point on the spindle in the product area

Maximum damage

only deformation of the bellows possible

Bellows breakage

Membrane rupture

AsepticsProcess safety

One-piece seal in product contact; hermetic separation of the process from the environment

Hermetic separation of the process from the environment

Clamping point on spindle in the product area. Only recommended for Ultraclean


Spare parts €

Maintenance €

Spare parts € €

Maintenance €

Spare parts €

Maintenance € € €

* We recommend changing the seal at least once a year.

** Take into account the manufacturer’s specifications.

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