Aseptic double-seat valves N7

The RIEGER N7 double-seat valve (also known as a double chamber valve) ensures reliable separation of the process rails through the CIP/SIP-capable leakage chamber. CIP/SIP valves control the steam inlet and condensate outlet at the leakage chamber. The excellent aseptic properties are achieved by hermetic separation from the environment.

Rieger does not rely on metal bellows in the fruit sector, e.g. for yoghurt with strawberries, but on the PTFE-metal combination bellows, which combines the durability of the PTFE bellows (more than 1 million switching cycles) with the erosion-free sealing technology of the O-ring!

This valve is indispensable in aseptic valve manifolds and on aseptic filling machines where the highest value is placed on comprehensive product safety.

Left in the picture: Tube variant


Another variant is the aseptic double-seat valve N7 (also called double chamber valve) as a tank outlet valve. As with the version for piping, the separation of the product from the environment is completely guaranteed.

Thanks to their innovative design, the PTFE bellows guarantee an extremely long service life (more than 1 million strokes). They do not block when the valve is opened so that the pleats always remain open and can be cleaned properly. Unlike metal bellows, which still require O-rings for sealing, here the PTFE bellows is the only sealing element that hermetically seals the valve interior from the environment without a dome or dead space (one-piece seal in product contact).

Material product touched
not in contact with the product
Seals Teflon bellows
Metal bellows
Temperatures maximum EPDM PTFE
Continuous operating temperature

Sterilization temperature

130 °C*

150 °C*

121 °C*

135 °C* short term
(approx. 20 min)

Press Closing pressure
Pipeline type
Tank type

Control air pressure

max. 6 bar in the pipe
max. 4 bar in tankmin 6 bar –
max. 10 bar
Surfaces product touched

not in contact with the product

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
e-polished, other surfaces on request
Ra ≤ 1.6 µm
Pipe classes
DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)
O.D. tube (DIN 11866 C)
DIN EN ISO 1127 (DIN 11866-B)


*dependent on operating parameters

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