BioCheck Bottle System (Accessories)

With the BioCheck sampling system, samples can be taken from sealed systems like tanks and pipelines simply and safely. In the design of this sterile valve, special attention was paid to an aseptic and at the same time highly compact design. That incorporation in both sterile and CIP/SIP circuits is straightforward and, above all, the sampling is without contamination.
Materialin contact with product

not in contact with product
Hastelloy® C-22 and others

PTFE bellows
 continuous operation

steam sterilization

121 °C*

135 °C* short-time
(approx. 20 min)

closing pressure

max. 6 bar

in contact with product

not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
other surfaces
on request
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm
pipe classes
DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)
O.D.-Tube (DIN 11866 C)


                                                                                 *dependent upon operating conditions

Steps of sampling procedure

  1. The product flows through the pipeline. The BioCheck valve (3) and the CIP/SIP valve (1) are closed.

  2. After the bottle including bottle head has been sterilized in the autoclave, connect the bottle to the sampling port. Both valves on
    the bottle (valve (5) and valve (6)) are closed.

  3. Open the CIP/SIP valve (1) and bottle valve (5) for sterilization. The steam sterilizes the entire system but not the bottle. This was sterilized before in the autoclave (see 2.).

  4. Close the CIP/SIP valve (1) and the bottle valve (5).

  5. Open the BioCheck valve (3) and the valve for sampling into bottle (6). The product flows into the bottle.

  6. When sampling is completed, close the BioCheck valve (3).

  7. After the piping has been drained (4) close the valve for bottle sampling (6) on the bottle. The entire system is now sealed.

  8. Remove the sampling bottle.
sampling head with 2 clamp ferrules DN 10 DIN 32676 Ø 34 mm
sampling head with 2 nozzles for quick coupling
sampling head with 2 weld-ends 13 x 1,5

Sterile Bottle Sampling

  • Utilizes standard laboratory bottles
  • Connection thread GL45 ISO
  • For 100 ml to 2,000 ml samples
  • No air contamination
  • Complete system sterilisable in  autoclave
  • Fully aseptic system
  • Including adapter for sterile air filter

Not available for this item.

All Valves are available in special alloys, such as Hastelloy® C-22, 1.4539/904L, 1.4529, AL-6XN® and others.

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