Hygienic Double Seal Mix Proof Valves N4

RIEGER hygiene double seal valves N4 are piggable or applicable for highly viscous media. They provide reliable protection for your product by leak-proof separating not compatible products. They prove themselves worldwide in systems for the beverage and food industries.

The design of its one-piece valve housing and the two radial sealings of both valve seats allow, together with the balanced valve disks a perfectly safe CIP/SIP cleaning and an extremely high level of security for your products.

In this model, the two valve seats can be alternatively lifted.

Double seal valve N4 piggable

The development of the RIEGER double sealing valve DD to the piggable variant N4 allows users great savings in resources.

The cost savings of product, water, cleaning agents, environmental pollution recoup the investment within
a very short time.

Materialin contact with product
not in contact with product
(others on request)
Temperaturesmaximum EPDM

continuous operation
steam sterilization
 130 °C*
150 °C*

closing pressure

 control air pressure

max. 10 bar upper line. Lower line see catalogue.
min 6 bar -
max. 10 bar

Surfacesin contact with product

not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
other surfaces
on request
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm
pipe classes
DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)
O.D.-Tube (DIN 11866 C)
DIN EN ISO 1127 (DIN 11866-B)
                                                                                 *dependent upon operating conditions
Port configurations as shown
in picture or in 360° possible.
  • one-piece solid valve body
  • no welding distortion
  • only 3 gaskets + CIP valve
  • additional flush valve optional available
  • safe CIP/SIP cleaning
  • reduced cleaning water consumption
  • low impact on environment and waste water costs
  • utility model protection
  • also available in 3-A version


  • DN 40 – DN 150 
  • 1,5" – 6"

Recommended Bürkert control tops for aseptic valves with 24 V DC or ASI bus
Contactless position with three switching points (teach-in function) with 3 internal feedback sensors, 1 output for external feedback (external feedback not included).

Two alternatives:

24 V DC with 4 digital outputs screw terminals, cable gland:

AS-Interface with a maximum of 62 slaves flat cable clamp with 1 m cable


  • 0 solenoid valve e.g. for single seat valves - pure feedback function
  • 1 solenoid valve for e.g. for single seat valves with actuators NC or NO
  • 2 solenoid valves for e.g. for single seat valves with air/air actuator or double seat valves N5, N9
  • 3 solenoid valves for e.g. double seat valves N1, N2, N3, N4, N7, N13

For more details see website Bürkert www.buerkert.com

All Valves are available in special alloys, such as Hastelloy C22, 1.4539/904L, 1.4529, AL6XN and others.

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